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CARF-Models P-47 Thunderbolt (Silber)

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Hersteller: CARF Models

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CARF-Models P-47 Thunderbolt (Silber)
A Giant Scale, All Composite WWII Fighter Without Compromise.
There are two versions of the P-47 Thunderbolt out there, both very popular. One is the bubble canopy version, which had been created in the later days of the 2nd World War, so that the pilot had a better all-around view. But the real, characteristic Thunderbolt, built by the thousands, seen all over Europe during the war, was the so called “Razorback”. In homage to this historic aircraft, Composite-ARF has reproduced the P-47D “Razorback.”
Basically, we have started out with a thorough research and a precise CAD design, bringing several drawings and plenty of photos into one authentic creation of lines and shapes. We sized it all around the Moki 250 radial engine, always keeping in mind to stay safely below 25 kg flying weight. This resulted in a wingspan of 280 cm, respectively a scale of 1: 4.5, and an overall weight of 22-24 kg, depending on the equipment used and the detail added.
Initially, due to the complexity of the aircraft and the experience with our F4U-1D Corsair, we will offer our P-47 as an ARF plane only. At a later stage, we might be offering a kit version as well - but this will require design changes All pars are composite, with silver surface and panel lines and rivets molded in.
Basically, all composite parts are prefabricated to the highest possible level. It’s only left for you to install servos and linkages to the already installed control horns, and bolt on your engine. Lets show you through the contents of the ARF version, which will take your breath away. Please see detailed descriptions of the components in the column to the right.
But its real qualities the CARF P-47 Thunderbolt will show once in the air. What a powerful and monumental appearance. This airplane represents in the air absolutely like the real thing. It is extremely stable, at the same time versatile and maneouverable. The wide speed range and the absolutely smooth stall characteristics make it a pleasure to fly. The ground handling is very good, too. This is due to the wide gear track and the long fuselage. Even though a tail dragger, it even is very manageable on tarmac runways, too.
A scale landing gear with pneumatic extending main struts, compression link for shortening during retraction, and a steerable scale tail gear is available as well as the almost scale sized, absolutely impressive 4 blade prop with Solo-hub and 30” carbon blades.
As you will see, it is almost impossible to put more prefabrication and performance into a warbird than we managed to do with our P-47. This is the plane leading the industry standard from now on in regards of design and prefabrication and flying performance. It’s the new flagship of the CARF warbird line, our pride and joy.
We chose the way of zero compromise. This ARF version is truly ARF and doesn’t leave any guess work to you. However, this does reflect on the price and we hope that we made the right decision by carrying the meaning of “ARF“ all the way to the end. Please accept our approach and appreciate the enormous value your money will buy when purchasing this airplane.

Die ARF-Version ist derzeit die einzige Version der P-47, die produziert wird. Sie können eine detaillierte Beschreibung aller Zubehörteile und des Vorfertigungsgrades auf der Haupt-Produktseite finden. Die ARF-Version ist extrem weit vorgefertigt und besteht aus fertig gebauten, silbernen Sandwich-Bauteilen, außerdem ist ein Cockpit, sämtliches Zubehör und eine Bauanleitung enthalten.

Technische Daten:
Spannweite: 2800mm
Länge: mm
Gewicht: 22 - 24Kg trocken
Motor: 80 - 150ccm 2-Takt Benziner oder 250ccm 4-takt Sternmotor
Servos: 8 - 10 Mittelklasse bis Hochleistungs-Servos